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    Re: Some random BBS-related projects I'm thinking about working on
    By: Jon Martin to All on Mon Mar 27 2017 10:45 am

    I know I'm late to the game but would like to add a few cents to your post. If you use gopher at all, you'd see that people have mirrored wikipedia and reddit to gopher sites. Have you considered
    porting a text based browser like lynx for a bbs so users can 'surf' the standard web as well as gopher space? I added this idea to my list of things to do but it's down the list a long way. It
    would be hella tight if someone does this. I've been working my best to revert to using text based browsers and have a big appreciation for the feature in emacs, for instance. Shouldn't behard
    considering the browser is open source,
    Daniel Traechin

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