• Let's Destroy C

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST to All on Thu Jan 30 23:17:00 2020
    I just saw this tonight - Using the pre-processor to make C look different and do different things than we're used to:


    Full link: https://gist.github.com/shakna-israel/4fd31ee469274aa49f8f9793c3e71163#lets-des troy-c


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  • From Ian Stanley@DIGDIST/TRIBEBBS to Nightfox on Tue Mar 16 17:51:00 2021

    I used to do a lot of dev work in the early 1990s and wrote code in a
    few styles:

    (1) try to make it read as much like english as possible (a hangover from earning COBOL at school in the 80s)

    (2) try to make it as obscure as possible - usually only with Perl as once written any maintenance would effectively require a rewrite. I could never
    keep Perl in my head long enough between maintenance. I think I was trying to force myself to move away from Perl, but each time I came back to it I
    couldn't find anything I could replace it with.

    (3) to play around with features I never really got chance to use

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