• SFnet

    From Geri Atricks@FREEWAY to All on Thu Mar 26 14:52:00 2020
    SFnet is now available via QWK networking. Info pack available on the main
    page at furmenservices.net.

    SFnet is the network for all things SciFi, Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Anime and has been up and running for several years now. It was created to fill the
    hole left by the now defunct TrekNet.

    Before the Web - telnet: furmenservices.net:23232
    Legends of Yesteryear (FIDO 1:123/256) - telnet: furmenservices.net:23322
    Sound Source ]|[ - telnet: furmenservices.net:2323
    Furmen's Folly (FIDO 1:123/257) - telnet: furmenservices.net:23

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    * Origin: Legends of Yesteryear (80:256/0)
    Synchronet Freeway BBS, Bendigo Australia. freeway.apana.org.au